Members and Friends of Hudson Valley Bassmasters have the option to participate in three tournament trails, to provide different anglers different types and level of competition.






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HVBM Member Draw Points Trail


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This 10 tournament trail is a friendly competitive trail between members of the club to determine yearly club rankings.  Club members are ranked through a 100 points system, based on the best 8 of 10 tournaments.   Though this trail is competitive, it is still a very friendly club trail, with payouts to 25% of the participants spread equally between boaters and non-boaters.

HVBM Open Partners Team Format Mid-Week Tournament Trail

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The Open Mid-Week Team Trail consists of 8 tournaments which allows club members as well as non-members to find a buddy and team up to register and compete.  It is held mid-week, on Wednesdays during the season, so you can enjoy fishing with your friend when boat traffic is low, fishing is great, and you want to get away from work. Entry fee of $50 per boat is welcomed at the ramp, and payout is immediately following weigh-in.

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This trail is organized and run by New York BASS Chapter Federation, which is a state-wide tournament trail across major waters of New York State.  As compared to club level tournaments, this trail is at the next skill level, with increased competition in the range of 100-125 boats. The trail , consisting of four points tournaments in a mixed draw format fishes waters of 10,000 acres or rivers at least 30 miles in length.  Even non-experienced anglers are welcomed resulting in many members improving their fishing skills by participating on this excellent friendly Federation Circuit with some of the best anglers of New York.