Meeting# 132                                                                              1-29-07

Minutes: Accepted as amended to reflect the correction to the dates of the Kerchal Camp as August 13 to August 17.

Membership: The current membership stands at thirty with dues paid and one on the waiting list with an application on file, waiting to fish.

Youth: The upcoming schedule includes a Leadership meeting 2/1, the Juniors team event 7/8, and the Junior qualifier on 7/22. Michael Wiston discussed the Kerchal Camp plans and status.

Casting Kids finals will be on 3/17 in Albany. The state federation will allot some of the members dues to the Junior program next year. A motion was passed to contribute $200 to the Kerchal Camp for the support of the kids in 2007.

Treasurer: The Vice President has completed his yearly audit and no problems have been found.

The treasure’s report was accepted.

Vice President: Tom Jeager has been in contact with the campground at While Hall, NY for the two-day in July. He has reserved a group of camp sites and urged everyone to book them EARLY!  Tom then mentioned a night tournament maybe at Mahopac or Hudson River etc.If anyone would like hats, jackets, shirts, or sweatshirts see Tom.

State Federation: Lowrance and Minn  Kota have resigned  with the federation and large discounts can be arranged through the federation. There will be a Skeeter FX120 bass boat donated by the company to be auctioned off as on E-Bay. The minimum bid is $12,000.The State team event entry fee is going from $210 to $300 and will now pay six places. Dan Morgan brought back from the state meeting two questions:

1. Should the top to anglers from the team tournament still be given places on the state team?

      The consensus was YES!

2. Should the state take money from the state team event to support the anglers going on to the next event.  

       Consensus Do not change the way it has been done in the past.

Nominations for all state offices are now open.

Tournaments: Charlie Blasi has finalized the 2007 schedule and It was approved by the members.. Insurance forms are needed for the tournaments at Saratoga Lake and Lake Champlain. The secretary will provide these.

Old business: the Casting Kids event will be held at the Poughkeepsie Galleria on March 31st. The Secretary will provide the necessary proof of insurance for that date. The club by-laws will be distributed to the members in the near future. A new roster will be distributed at the February meeting.

New Business: Bass University has been cancelled for 2007. NE Bass will hold a seminar in Providence, RI. For information contact Wood Boats and Motors at 1-401-739-4040.






                          Meeting # 131 1-15-07

Minutes: Accepted as distributed.

Membership: Fifteen members have been registered with both the state and national federation.
After attending the meeting, Howard Goodrich expressed interest and was given an application. Steve Bunt has rejoined the club. In an effort to prevent the problem of people not paying their dues on tine the secretary sent letters to all 2006 members who were not at the November meeting. Enclosed were the November Tournaments:minutes and a copy of the 2007 meeting schedule.
Youth: The Juniors will be having a leadership seminar on 2/10/07 at gander Mountain and bowling on 1/27. Michael Wiston spoke on the “Brian Kerchal” camp and solicited help with both supplies and boats for use at the camp. The camp will be held August 12th thru August 16th for approximately 60 children in different categories of fishing experience from beginner up and ends with a tournament on the last day. Thus far Michael has gotten rods and reels, some life vests and many other supplies. As more are needed contact Michael if you can donate, or help.

Treasurer: Bill has given the required documents to the Vice President for the annual audit
Vice President: Tom has been looking into the camp grounds for the
Two-day tournament( 7/21 &7/22) at the White Hall Marina and Campgrounds. There are sites and a few ‘bare bones’ cabins with four bunks in each. More information is on the message board or contact Tom at ONEBASS@VERIZON.NET.
 State Federation: Dan Attended the 12/3/06 state meeting and brought back two pieces of good information. Mike Schmitt Jr. was honored as the NY Sportsman of the year for 2006 for his actions and ‘rescues’ on the water. In addition, the Hudson Valley Bassmasters have been chosen as the ‘NY State Chapter of the Year’ . Dan also has accepted a place on the NYS Tournament board. In general the state is suffering from a lack of people stepping up to volunteer for the key NYS positions. A long discussion ensued over the way that the state would run the six man team tournaments. Dan will be attending the next state meeting on 1/26. There is no complete state tournament schedule in place yet. The first is on Oneida lake followed by Mohawk river Lock 6 and the upper Niagara River. The state is also discussing the problem of uneven boater to Non-boater mixes at the state tournaments. More information at the next meeting which will be after the state meeting.

Tournaments: Bill Russell has generated a Mid-week tournament schedule Which includes Lake Lilinonah, Lake Mahopac twice(Aug/Nov) and Copake Lake. It will be posted on the web site. Tom Jeager is looking for interest in a ’night’ fishing tournament. (i.e. 6PM to 12MN). Concerns were raised about insurance coverage after sun down.

Old Business: Casting Kids was discussed but no date has been reserved at the Galleria. The Awards dinner will be held at the Italian Center on February 3rd starting at 6:30 PM. Tickets must be paid for by the end of the next meeting. If you haven’t paid and are going call Vinnie to allow him to get an accurate headcount.
New Business: A Cabelas sporting goods will be open shortly in Hartford, CT. The sportsman shows season is coming up. Feb 9,10,11 at Worchester, MA, Feb 16,17,18 at Hartford Civic Ctr., Feb. 23,24,25 at Springfield, MA and 3/2,3,4 in Rockland County.



                           HUDSON VALLEY BASSMASTERS

Meeting # 130                                                                                11/20/06


Minutes: Accepted as distributed.

Membership: Attending the meeting was Mark Delaney who expressed interest in joining the club was given an application.

Youth: Junior members will be attending a leadership session at Gander Mt. in Kingston.

Vinnie Crodelle who volunteered once again to arrange the Awards dinner at the Italian Center in Poughkeepsie, has finalized the arrangements. The date is February 3rd and it starts at 7:00 PM . Tickets are $20 per person and will be available at the two January meetings.

Treasurer: The midweek season ending tournament held at Candlewood Lake attracted 10 boats. After discussion, a voted passed a resolution to continue to join the Duchess County Federation of Fish and Game. The treasurer’s report was then accepted as reported.

Federation: Not much was available however, Dan will be attending the 12/2/06 state meeting so look for some news at the next meeting. No correspondence has been received by the secretary from the state but the National registration package was just received.

Tournaments: Half of the 2007 tournament schedule has been outlined. There will be no tournament in April. We will be fishing at Candlewood Lake for the first three tournament: Pre spawn - May 12th, During the spawn - June 9th, and Post spawn - June 30th. This will give us three different challenges to locate feeding fish.

The two-day tournament will be held on Lake Champlain on July 21st and 22nd. The Whitehall Campgrounds will be “home base” however, day one we will launch out of the Ticonderoga ramp and day two will be an earlier start out of the South Bay ramp. This will give us two different sections of the lake to fish. Tom Jeager can give additional details on the campgrounds. This is a tentative schedule, once the rest of the year is firmed up Charlie Blasi will distribute the official schedule.

 A motion was proposed and approved making Walter Morgan returning from service eligible for “ Rookie of the Year for 2007”.


A long discussion was held about the meeting at Oneida Lake and the vote taken there. Tonight a motion was presented and approved confirming that the Oneida meeting was a ‘legal/official’ meeting so the vote relative to the six-man team has been validated will be carried out.


Old Business: Mark Beckwith has again volunteered to chair the Casting Kids event at the Poughkeepsie Galleria(date TBD).


 After secret voting, Treasurer  - Bill Russell                  Board of Directors - Bob Minnerly

                                President  - Dan Morgan                                         - Liz MacGill

New Business:

                    NOTE: DUES FOR 2007 ARE DUE NOW!  AFTER THE                                       

                                 1/15/07 MEETING *, ANY CURRENT MEMBER                                                  WHO HAS NOT PAID WILL HAVE TO FILL OUT

                                AN APPLICATION AND REAPPLY TO JOIN.

                                               *Dues can be sent to Bill Russell.



Meeting # 127                                                                       8/28/06

Minutes: Accepted as printed.

Membership: No change.

Current Status: Total membership 43, Boaters 24, Non Boaters 18, Charter members 5, waiting list 0, Inactive members 8.

Youth: The HV Juniors are donating $100 to the kids going to the Jr. Classic. Seven tournaments have been held with three more planned.  In the state Junior 6man team tournament, our Juniors came in third. The Brian Kershal Camp thanks the HV Bassmasters or their support of the camp. Michael Wiston will be our primary contact to the camp. A mother who was at this meeting thanked the club for the generous support of the Juniors by the Senior members, especially the boaters who provided their boats during the tournaments. After discussion, a resolution was passed to match the donation for the Jr. Classic.

Treasurer: The report was accepted as given. The Mid-week tournament AT Lake Mahopac was well attended. Our members finished in second (Crodelle & Steinky) and third (Russell & Copersito). A resolution was passed to refund Walter Morgan’s membership dues.

Vice President: Shirts for the six man team were delivered at the meeting. See Tom Jeager if you want shirts, jackets, or sweatshirts with the HV logos on them. A resolution passed authorizing Tom to buy new software for the HV clothing.

Federation: After the lake Champlain tournament, Mike Schmitt Jr. is in 15th place for the year.



As of October, the minimum bass size on the Hudson and tributaries will be 15 inches. The back up scale needs repairs/replacement. Tom Jeager and Bob Minnerly will work together to bring back suggestions for the 2007 Two-day tournament. Pay out for three tournament and a draw for September 16th at Candlewood Lake were held.

Note: The Candlewood tournament will begin at 7:00 AM


            For 2007 the Tournament Director suggested trying for three tournament on Candlewood Lake,  at the pre spawn, spawn and post spawn times. The members seemed in agreement with this idea.

Rusty Camorata set up a tournament on Candlewood  Lake and attracted 21 boats and raised money for the state federation Juniors’ program.


OLD BUSINESS:  The awards dinner was discussed by Vinnie Crodelle and the date and location were tentatively set for January at the Italian Center.


NEW BUSINESS: A meeting and vote relating to a payout to the Six Man team was held at the Oneida Lake Two-day tournament site. The President asked for a brief write up of it and who participated, for the next regular meeting in September before any further discussion.

We will need to purchase new trophies for the Six man team




                                    HUDSON VALLEY BASSMASTERS


Meeting # 123                                                                           Held 4/24/06


Minutes: Accepted as distributed.


Membership: Current status:   Total membership------  33

                                                  Charter Members ------     5

                                                  Boaters ------------------   21

                                                  Non Boater -------------   12

                                                  Waiting list -------------     9 (includes 2 possibly 3 Boaters)

                                                                                                (Mike Antonich ??)  

Change your Roster sheets, Dan Morgan is a NON boater and Jim Morgan is now a boater. New Cell for Danny is 845-590-3189.

Many of the people on the wait list are going to fish in the first tournament. Good Luck!


Youth:  The juniors will be participating in an event of the local fire fighters July 29th at the Dutchess  Fair grounds. They celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Junior club at a pizza party,

Congratulations on your mile stone. The junior fund raiser was successful. Boats are still needed for their 6/11/ 06 tournament at Candlewood Lake.


Treasurer:  Bill noted that the was an addition of $80 from the mid week tourney from 18 boats, a high number for the early date. Our club did well with Bill Russell and Ken Neisser taking 1st and Mike Schmitt Sr. taking lunker. Charlie Blasi and Rich taking 4th and Charlie George weighed in two nice smallmouths for over 5 pounds total.


Federation: No new significant news. For NYS tournaments, sign up with a non-boater and you will be using your boat. If you do regular sign up and have to leave your boat on the shore you will be flagged so that it can only happen once a year


New Business: The six-man team final line up is not set. Several members are not sure at this time if they can make it or not.

The Bryan Kershal Camp needs boaters for the period of Aug 14th to 18th, a contact number is 203-426-1836 (Ray) 

The recent Candlewood tournament has been running up big catches of 3, and 4 pound bass.


IMPORTANT NEWS. If you planning on fishing in the midweek tournament at Lake Mahopac

                                      On August 9th get signed up early as only 17 boats can be allowed.


Tournament: Charlie Blasi prepared packages with the official Tournament rules, Tournament tips, and the official HV Bassmaster bylaws. These were passed out to the new people on the waiting list. The highlight of the night was the draw for the first two tournament of the year:

                                 -April 30th at Twin Lakes in CT.

                                 -May 20th At Lake Lillinonah also in CT.

Both tournaments will be 7AM to 3PM.






Hudson Valley Bassmasters


Meeting #122                                                                              Held 3/27/2006

Minutes: Accepted with correction that hats are $12.50 not $2.50.

Membership: Applications were received at the meeting for: Ronald Babcock (B), Jimmy Scaglione (NB), and Evaristo Hipolito(NB). Totals for the club are now:

Total Membership:        33 including 5 charter members.

Boaters:                        21

Non Boaters:                12

Waiting List:                 9 (3 Boaters, 6 Non Boaters)

Waiting List Order:  (1)Spike ?, (2-3) Robert Matuia, Mark Pozzuto, (Jr) Mike Stienke, (5-6) Matt Antonich, Keith Thomas, (7-9) Babcock, Scaglione, Hipolito.

Junior Bassmasters: Next meeting is the 10th Anniversary of the HVM Junior Club. Congrats from all the senior members, Club will participate in the Trout Fishing Derby to be held April 23rd and will pay ½ the $12 fee for the event. Club has 16 active members currently and will be recruiting new members at the Morgan Lake event.

V-P Report: Orders are in for the shirts and jackets . Tom expects to have them by next meeting. Tom has uncovered a new vendor that he knows and can work with more conveniently in the future.

Tournament Committee: Charlie opened signups for the Twin Lakes Tournament scheduled for April 30th. You can sign up through the April meeting. Late registrations will be $30 since the Tour. is the following week. Charlie proposed an increase in Tour. fee by $1 to pay for Tournament fees such as required at Saratoga and Oneida. Dan favored the club absorbing the fees as we did last year. Charlie reminded everyone to check in their licenses with him before the Tour. and keep to the 35 mph limit on Twin Lakes.


State Federation: Although Dan did not attend the last State meeting, it was reported that tournament procedures were changed . Now a boater can guarantee use of his boat if he brings a non-boater with him. Also, once he has been assigned a boater to boater draw he will be exempt from another occurrence during the remainder of the year. Otherwize, the same format as last year will be used.


Federation of Dutchess County Fish and Game Clubs: Dude Rogers reported from the meeting that Gully’s in Newburgh will be charging both parking and launching fees from the town this year. The stocking of trout program was also reviewed at the meeting.


New Business: Get well wishes were expressed by the Club for Mike Wiston and Tom Conway, both recovering from surgeries.

Fifty/fifty was drawn and the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45pm.




Hudson Valley Bassmasters


             Meeting #121                                                           Held 2/27/2006                                               


Minutes: Accepted as printed.


Membership: Applications were received at the meeting for: Matt Antonich (B),  Keith Thomas (NB), and Mike Stienke (NB) Totals for the club are now:

Total Membership:        33

Boaters:                        21

Non Boaters:                12

Charter Members         5

Waiting List:                 6 (2 Boaters, 4 Non Boaters)


Junior Bassmasters: Casting Kids possible next date: July 29th due to new state schedule.

Junior’s are planning on a boat tournament on Lillinonah Lake June 11th. Boaters are needed from the Senior Club.


V-P Report: Members can order shirts and jackets from Tom Jaeger. Hat are available from Bill Russell for $12.50 each. Tom has sent in hats to be monogrammed for the 6-man team.


Tournament Committee: Camp sites are still available at Oneida for the 2-day event, but, are going fast. Call up and get yours reserved ASAP. Charlie requires everyone fishing tournaments this year to verify their Ct. and NYS fishing licenses with him before the first tournament. See C.B. on this . The first tournament draw will be held at the April 24th meeting for the Tournament on Twin Lakes, Sunday April 30th. You must come to the meeting, pay your tournament fee  and enter the draw or have some regular member enter for you at the meeting.


State Federation: B.A.S.S. was voted to be the affiliate for all state BASS chapters. Wayne requested that members go to the state website , review the proposal for the pro/amateur format and make your preference known. You had until March 10th  to express your views.


Federation of Dutchess County Fish and Game Clubs: Dude Rogers attended the February meeting and reported on discussion at the meeting. They are planning their striper tournament for May 13/14 this year. A report will be made at future meetings as part of the meeting agenda.


A discussion of non boater protocol was led by Dan Morgan in response to questions from prospective new members.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00pm.


Submitted by Bill Russell pinch hitting for our illustrious secretary  Ken Neisser. 3/27/06


                                  HUDSON VALLEY BASSMASTERS

Meeting # 120                                                                                                Held 1/30/06

Minutes: Accepted as printed.

Membership: Two new applications were received form non-boaters Robert Matuia and Mark Pozzuto.   Current status: Total membership -----------33

                                          Boaters ----------------------- 21

                                          Non boaters ------------------12

                                          Charter members for 2006--  5

                                          Waiting list-------------------   3  (one boater and 2 non boaters)

Youth: Dan Christ reported that the juniors were planning a tournament on Lake Lillinonah on June 11th and need about 8 to 10 boaters to volunteer. (845)221-3405 is his number. Mr./Ms. Bass is on Oneida Lake 7/2/06 and again boaters are needed. August 6th while we are having our two-day tournament, the Junior team event is being held.


Casting Kids was held as scheduled on the 21st and again this year the number participating was

low, with only 29 kids signing up. Next year we have to work on some publicity in the newspapers.


Vice President: Hats for the six-man team are out for lettering. After discussion a vote passed a resolution to spend up to $200 for pizza and soda at the next club meeting on February 27th.

Note: Pizza and soda will be provided at the next meeting in February and because of this

           the meeting and eating will start at 7:00PM

Web Site: Thanks to Charlie we now have Sale Forum on the HV web site.


Tournament: Get your reservations in now for the campgrounds at Oneida Lake as they are almost gone for our two-day weekend. Discussion was held on the problems with getting onto Saratoga Lake because of races and where to fish if this is not possible.

Note: Subsequent to the meeting, in February this was resolved and we now have Saratoga

          on the schedule. There has been some change in dates so check the web site for the latest


State Federation: Dan Morgan reported that they are struggling with a Fish Lines editor and what to do about the publication as it is loosing money. A web-based document is a possibility being considered. Changes to the NYS tournament draw rules will occur, related to the problems of a boat-boat draw. Other changes are being considered.

The bulk of the discussion was centered on the need to vote as a club on whether to stay with the current BASS relationship and structure or switch to the ‘proposed’ FLW related structure. Dan

reviewed the charts from the presentations of each proposal and after more discussion, a vote was held. HV Bassmasters voted unanimously to stay with BASS. (I cast our vote the next day with Susan Good)


Old Business: None except that the diner is this Friday.


New business: A temporary secretary will be needed for the next two meet



                                      HUDSONVALLEY BASSMASTERS

Meeting # 119                                                                                                     Held 1/09/06


Minutes: Accepted with two corrections, which have been made.


Membership: An application was received from “Spike” Zimmer, a boater. Membership for 2006 as of 1/09/06 is as follows: 

                        Total membership ---------------------- 31

                        Boaters ----------------------------------- 20

                        Non Boaters ----------------------------- 11

                        Charter members for 2006 ------------   5

                        Waiting List -----------------------------   1 (boater)


Youth: Junior’s Leadership training will be held this Saturday at the Pirates Canoe club.


Vice President: Tom Jeager has ‘audited the book for the year-end 2005 check.  Tom suggested another ‘Sweet heart’ tournament in 2006, possibly a two-day or just prior/after one of the club events. If you have any thoughts, get back to Tom. He is also willing to arrange for shirts or sweat shirts with the chapter designs on them as he has in the past.


Federation: The NY State meeting is set for 1/22/06. We will have more feedback on what is happing after that. NY State is incorporated and will continue to represent all chapters in the state. They are also looking at an insurance plan to cover the chapters, “just in case”. More to follow.


Tournament: Both the HR points and the Mid-week tournament schedules are in place and on the web-site. A vote was held and the schedules were approved as printed. Once again Charlie Blasi the Tournament Director has done and excellent job. The web site is up and alive, with a message board and forum.


Old Business: The awards dinner will be held at the Italian Center on Friday February 3rd at a cost of $20 per person.Tickets are available at this meeting or at the  January 30th meeting at which a final headcount is needed. See Vinnie Crodelle for tickets.


New Business: Approximately 100 “Recycled Trophies” have been offered and will be stored by Charlie Blasi for our future use.